Forecasting Details

Theforecasting detailspage, accessible fromProcurement -> Forecasts, shows the forecast details - products, required materials, and action dates.

This page allows:

  • creating a procurement forecast,
  • 更新现有的预测,
  • creating manufacturing orders and purchase orders based on the forecast,
  • adding notes,
  • exporting the forecast to Excel or PDF.

Jump to:

  1. 什么是采购预测?它是如何工作的?
  2. How to create a procurement forecast?
  3. 如何一次预测多个站点的材料?
  4. Tips for using the forecast.

Creating a procurement forecast

For creating a procurement forecast:

  1. Go toProcurement -> Forecasts和click创造.
  2. Enter theforecast title识别它(例如,“第三季度”)。
  3. Select, whether:
    b) available parts will be ignored in the calculation.
  4. Enterproductsquantitiesthat are planned to be produced in the future.
  5. Enter theDue date何时应该有库存。仅与Backward Production Schedulingfunctionality.
  6. Select whether the forecast should consider current available inventory, or ignore it.
  7. ClickCalculate materials and timingbutton. As a result:
    - For every product, the software shows when a manufacturing order should be started.
    - A list of required raw materials is displayed (part, quantity, cost, vendor, last order date).
    - The forecast is saved.
  8. Manufacturing orders can be scheduled to the production plan by checking the productsMO column和clicking创造manufacturing ordersbutton.
  9. 可以通过选择材料来创建采购订单PO column和clicking the创造purchase ordersbutton.

Multi-site forecasting

If there are multiple production sites, there are two options to choose from when creating a forecast:

  1. Select one site for the forecast.
  2. 选择选项All sitesfor considering all sites in the forecast.

If a site is selected:

  1. 该软件计算所需的制造和采购订单。
  2. The manufacturing orders can be added to the production schedule at the selected site.

IfAll sitesoption is selected:

  1. The software calculates the total quantity of materials that are required to produce all the desired products.
  2. 不可能创建制造和采购订单, because these must be placed at particular sites.
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