Task Management

Task Management pane can be used to give assignments to team members or to yourself. Task Management enables a simple way to organize work and keep track of assignments. The Tasks pane can be used for sending short messages, as well as for keeping longer discussions.

Taskspane can be accessed from theupper rightcorner by clicking on Tasks iconTasks.

Tasks can have

  • a deadline,
  • 内容with attachments
  • and comments from team members.

Usage tips

  • Every user can create a new task and assign it to other users.
  • When a task is done, mark the checkboxDone.
  • When a new task is assigned or an existing task is updated, theTasksbuttonin the upper right corner starts to blink.
  • A new or updated task is displayed in bold until it is opened.
  • Only these tasks are shown which are created by the user, or assigned to him/her.
  • To remove a task from the pane, the task must be deleted.
  • The Tasks pane is updated automatically once per minute.

Access to the Tasks pane

Every user of MRPeasy (except the Internet-kiosk user at present) can open theTaskspane in the upper right corner of the window.

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